After Care

Removable Braces − Aftercare

Your removable brace has been carefully made to fit your mouth only. Please follow instructions below to ensure the most efficient treatment:



Your braces should be worn all day and night unless you are advised otherwise. The more you wear it the quicker the treatment will be completed.

Only take your brace out for cleaning, playing sport or swimming. Wear your brace for eating unless you are specifically told to remove it for eating. You must place your brace in a box if it is out of your mouth.


You will talk with a lisp for up to a week after your brace is fitted. The only way your speech will return to normal is if you wear your brace full time. Your mouth will water for 2 days after the brace is fitted and you will want to swallow more than normal. This is only until your mouth gets used to the brace.


Remove the brace to clean your teeth. Remember to brush the roof of your mouth to stop your mouth from getting sore underneath your brace. Clean your brace using normal tooth brush and tooth paste. Rinse only with cold water. Your brace should be cleaned after all meals. If you are at school and cannot use tooth paste, rinse your brace under the tap and rinse out your mouth to make sure there is no food trapped under your brace.


Avoid sweets, sugary and fizzy drinks, hard foods and chewing gum. This is to avoid unsightly marks appearing on your teeth (decalcification) and to avoid breaking brace.


Your brace will loosen between appointments and will be tightened at each appointment. If it becomes too loose to wear between appointments, please contact the practice.


Make sure you fit your brace as instructed by the orthodontist. When removing your brace, pull only on the clasps at the side of your mouth otherwise you may bend and break the break. If the brace breaks or is hurting you, continue to wear it if you can and contact the practice as soon as possible. Sometimes a small part of the brace may break or become loose and this may be able to be fixed. Larger breakages will mean replacing the brace which will need to be paid for.

It is in your interest not to miss regular appointments as treatment will take longer. Your teeth are at a risk if the brace is not monitored regularly by the orthodontist.

Look after your brace If you have any problems with the brace, whether it becomes loose, does not seem to fit well, is lost or broken or if there is anything that you are unsure of, please do not hesitate to contact us on 022 25378130 / 25330693

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